Auditing & Assurance Services

Statutory, Internal Audit and other Special Audits
  1. Corporate sectors, both in the public & private, including banks- Statutory Audit of clients across all industry sectors as per Companies Act,2013.
  2. Tax Audit of public and private sector units and banks under Income Tax act,1961
  3. Concurrent Audit, Systems & IT Audits, Special and Inspection Audit of banks, public sector undertakings including rural authorities and special audit assignments.

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Pranay Gupta

Sri Radhey Raman Dwivedi is brilliant, highly reliable& the most excellent support system for progress in business and career!
Besides that he is a top class human being who is ALWAYS THERE when you need PROPER help the most. I always count on Radhey to deliver best & most awesome results: he is a true asset professionally as well as a wonderful human being (always helpful & available)
His expertise in every area of Tax is awesome & superb.
Iswar bless him